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Main activities:

Engineering and consulting services for gas, fluids electrical systems, research and development of underground water and geothermal resources;

Supply of complete systems and components for fluids and auxiliary services;

Supply of complete packages including software for computerised central systems for fluids and networks in general, including telecommunications systems;

Supply of spares and components for: oil and gas industry, electric power plants, photovoltaic systems.

Detailed list of special components supply:

instruments and sensors for gas, fluids, and electrical power
process instruments
generators and connecting auxiliaries
engines, gas and oil
transmission and distribution equipment
telecommunication devices and cables
transmitters, modems etc.
industrial computers, printers, monitors, accessories etc.
valves and fittings
filters and drilling accessories
heating and cooling controls and components
mechanical components and main equipment such as compressors , pumps, fans, boilers and accessories
industrial tools, pneumatic tools
electric motors and conductors
packing and insulating materials
mechanic workshop equipment.

prompt answers to any necessity
qualified technical support during design and engineering stages
quick and efficient delivery
after sales services 24 h.

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