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SELITECH srl are a energy and water service company, previously part of SELECO GROUP. They supply design, engineering and supervision of the rehabilitation, renewal or refurbishment of pipelines, machinery, systems and industrial production processes.

SELITECH provide utility authorities with project and energy management and have decades of experience in the construction of pipelines, water, communication and power networks.

- Feasibility studies, consultancy services, detailed design
- General construction projects of networks (water and gas) and supervision of the construction process
- Inspection services, monitoring, assistance to the management
- Supervision of tests, controls and verifications
- Supervision of and support to the rehabilitation and refurbishment of machinery, pipelines and networks (water and gas)
- Hardware and software support by remote diagnostic systems
- 24 hour service and support.

SELITECH are currently operating in the following fields:
- Water supply and distribution networks
- Rehabilitation and renovation of large diameter (above 1m.) pipelines
- Water treatment systems, filtration and sterilization
- Energy saving projects for the process industry
- Communication systems for public companies and industries
- Communication systems for highways
- Biogas production from Biomass Fermentation systems
- Co-generation system using natural gas and biogas